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About Mayor Rochelle Robinson


For over 20 years, Mayor Rochelle Robinson has demonstrated proven and effective leadership, that promotes inclusivity, diversity and a strong community. Her compassionate style of leadership has moved Douglasville, GA to become a top-tier city in the State of Georgia, and has been recognized as one of the premier places to live in the country.

Under her leadership as Mayor, Douglasville has received accolades for being a certified “City of Ethics”, “City of Civility” and “City of Innovation from the Georgia Municipal Association".

Mayor Robinson has fostered an inclusive atmosphere of governmental cooperation which has spurred smart Economic Development, a competitive Job Market and strong Community Engagement, with a focus on family-centered living.

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What We Have Accomplished

  • * 95% completion of Hwy 92 underpass and realignment.
    * Opened more than 100+ small, medium & large businesses.
    * Redesigned and refurbished all 5 of the city's Parks.
    * Developed the Town Green and Amphitheatre (Fall 2023).
    * Instituted the city's first internship program for local college students.
    * Instituted the annual Christmas family program, recognizing noteworthy Douglasville families.
  • * Created 80 + programs and events through the Parks Recreation Department (CAPR accredited).
    * Instituted the Transparency Centre for open and honest government communication.
    * Resurfaced nearly 20 miles of city's roads totaling $8.2 million in infrastructure improvements.
    * Douglasville is now a certified "City of Ethics", "City of Civility" and "City of Innovation".

Over the past 8 years, it has been my privilege to serve as your Mayor.
In this election season, I would like to sincerely thank you and ask you for your continued support.

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